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Femin-Inferno is the Creative Embodiment of sacred Feminine Rage. She is here to help us all Embrace and Unleash our existential Rage and to Playfully, OutrAgeously Alchemize it with  Empathy, Compassion and Connection - to Remember our Oneness! - in a way that only Femin-Inferno can!

Art and Performance Events


Femin-Inferno loves to bring her message forward in solo, interactive sets - whether part of a variety collective of other performers or a one-off pop-up for occasions or resonant Art events!

Creative Healing


Femin-Inferno can be of service in Festivals, Retreats, Workshops, both for conscious entertainment as well as serving as advance representative of workshops created and facilitated by her dba-other-self, Elisa Blynn.

What's Happenin', Hot Stuff

When we've got somethin goin On, we'll tell you here!

Past appearances:

February 2018 Femin-Inferno Debuts at the Slipper Room!

March 2018 Femin-Inferno Rocks the house at The Keep for Women's Day!

May 2018 Femin-Inferno Shakes the rafters at ArtsOnSite's monthly Performance Party!

June 2018 Femin-Inferno Ignites hearts and minds at Connection Camp!

August 2018 Femin-Inferno Raises the roof in the Parlour Salon @Governor's Island!

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Femin-Inferno dba Elisa Blynn

photo credits: Kyle Netzeband @ArtsOnSite and TransfirePhotography by Heather Manwaring